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Happy to announce that our team launched the Graduate School Program search. It makes it easier for students to search for Graduate Programs or a graduate school. As soon as you start typing in name of program , the search suggest will show all the possible programs. If you are looking […]

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One supplemental document that a graduate program might request that you provide is your resume. You should take the time to prepare your resume so that it reflects and highlights everything you see as applicable to the program that might increase your chances of acceptance. Thus, your resume should be […]

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The Graduate School application will likely ask you to write a statement of purpose. This is much like a cover letter for applying to a job. Essentially, it functions to describe your reasons for applying to the program. In four hundred to seven hundred words, describe why you want to […]

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Biomedical engineering combines principles with medical and biological sciences to design and create equipment, devices, computer systems, and software used in healthcare.Biomedical engineering field seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine, combining the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to advance health […]

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  Hello prospective students We are holding a free webinar on Sunday October 16 10 AM EDT (UTC -5) to give you a brief overview for pursuing Masters Degree program in USA. There are tow parts to this webinar. Part 1 – US higher education system– types of schools – Using […]

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These are the top ranked 20 Graduate Schools offering Masters degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering Princeton University Princeton University has been ranked 1 in National University.Masters Degree in Laser and Optical Engineering awarded to 28 students. International students who got Masters degree in Laser and Optical Engineering: 20 […]

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From our college social feed, these three are most popular videos Texas A&M University College of Architecture, which is known for supplying Disney Pixar and DreamWorks Animation with Aggies, was recently named one of the top animation schools in the nation! UC Santa Cruz is excited to announce the naming […]

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Study in US team launches the profile evaluation tool to help students find the Universities based on their GRE score. Our team has aggregated GRE scores of around 350 US universities Profile Evaluation Ms in US Profile evaluation results are in 4 categories Tough: US universities would fall under tough […]

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These are the top ranked 20 Graduate Schools in US offering Masters degree in Educational Administration and Supervision  with updates from their facebook feed on week of 06/05/2016 Yale University Yale University has been ranked 3 in National University.Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration awarded to 5 students. Northwestern University […]

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Here are the top ranked 20 Universities / Graduate Schools Masters Program in Computer Science And Engineering Princeton University Princeton University has been ranked 1 in National University.Masters Degree in Computer Engineering awarded to 17 students. International students who got Masters degree in Computer Engineering: 10 Columbia University In the City of […]

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