GMAT Critical Reasoning Practice Test

For some testers, GMAT questions based on assumptions, inferences and conclusion are easily the bane of their existence, for the simple reason that all the five answer choices seem to be highly likely. You read the first choice and think, ‘ya, this could be the right answer’. Come down to the second choice and you are already confused as to which of the two choices is correct. Next three choices are hardly going to ease the dilemma, unless of course you are an expert at solving critical reasoning questions.

How do you become an expert? Simple! It is imperative that you know the tips and techniques for solving critical reasoning questions and practice a lot of these kinds of questions. It is believed that once you have mastered the required skill for solving CR questions, you will read every other text in a way as if you are looking for assumptions, conclusions and inferences.

To help you in your GMAT preparation, we have compiled an online practice test of 20 CR questions that vary in difficulty level, from medium to hard. The questions are set strictly according to the current GMAT pattern and is sure to prove a great resource for those who are about to take the GMAT test in the near future.

At the end of the test, you can check your score and also the right answers to the questions. We advise you to astutely analyze the questions and solutions, so that you get an idea as to where is it that you are going wrong while solving the test questions.

Take the GMAT Critical Reasoning Test now!

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