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GMAT is quite a different type of competitive examination compared to most other examinations. This is because most competitive exams have a set date every year. On this date, the examination is coordinated across all the test centres in various places and sometimes across countries too. this offers a lot of logistical challenge especially when the number of students number hundreds of thousands and there are hundreds of test centers across various countries.

However, things are a lot different with GMAT. In GMAT, there is no set date on which the exam is held. In fact, it is left to the candidates to choose their own dates depending upon their level of preparation and their confidence and mental state too. The date for your GMAT exam can be taken through registration either online or by calling to the phone number 1(8000717-GMAT. You can also mail to Pearson VUE, Attention:GMAT Program, PO Box 581907, Minneapolis MN 55458-1907, USA.

In a way you would be applying or paying a fee for an appointment for the GMAT examination at a specific location. Once you pay the fees it is not refunded if you want to cancel or postpone the appointment any further. Therefore you will have to be absolutely sure when you would want to take the GMAT examination. The GMAT score would then be used by you to apply to various colleges for a Masters degree in Business Administration. This score is valid for 2 years. People can in fact take the GMAT examination multiple times too. However, the only restriction is that the GMAT examination cannot be taken twice in the same month.

Therefore, it is clear that there is lot of flexibility when it comes to applying for the examination. However, if you cannot apply to your favourite college on time with your GMAT score, it doesn’t serve any purpose. Therefore you will have to plan your dates in a way that you have at least a month to apply with the score to your favorite college. For example, for the class beginning in 2011 May, a college might have October of 2010 as the cut-off date. In such a scenario you might want to be ready with the GMAT score by August or September of 2010.

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