How To Improve GRE Reading Comprehension Score

GRE Reading Comprehension is an important part of the Verbal section. You are required to have good reading speed in order to score good marks on these questions. However, merely good speed is not enough, you also need to display your analytical and critical abilities. Following are the important points you need to keep in mind in order to ace these questions:

GRE reading comprehension

  • Pay Attention: It is always advisable to read the questions quickly before starting to read the passage. This will enable to pick the points relevant to the questions asked. However, do not proceed to answer the questions without reading the passage fully, since the passage may contain further information which may affect your answer.
  • Note Down Important Points: While reading the passage, note down the relevant and important information in easy to understand point format. This will minimize the time you may have otherwise waste in re-reading the passage and scrolling. It is also helpful to summarize the passage in one or two sentences so that you are clear about the essence of the passage.
  • Analyze the Content: Merely reading the passage is not enough. This section is designed to test your analytical aptitude too. Therefore, it is imperative that you fully understand the tone and the purpose of the passage. Also pay special attention to transition between the ideas. After reading the passage, try to form a relationship between various ideas expressed in the text.
  • Formulate Answer Before Reading the Options: Once you have read and understood the entire text, you should be able to formulate answers to the questions asked. Try to answer the questions before looking at the options. This will avoid the undue confusion. However, make sure that, ultimately, you choose your answer out of the given options. Also make sure that you read all the options before choosing an answer.
  • Avoid Making Assumptions: Your answers should be based on the information provided in the text. Do not resort to making the assumptions. Also do not use outside information. Even if the text contains some information, which you know is not true in the real world, use only the info given in the text for answering the questions.

With these tips, you are all set to take up this section. Like any other section on GRE, the key to success is practice and perseverance. So make sure you are well prepared for the big day.

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