Sometimes back we had talked about Tri Valley University scam and how it has affected hundred’s of students. You may be surprised to know how many students are unware of schools and universities running scam operations similar to tri valley and jeopardize their future. Tri state university has been blacklisted after that […]

How to find blacklisted US universities

After 6 months of hard work, team has launched new and improved US Colleges search web site. This is new home page   Technically the major change is that we have move away from wordpress as being the sole platform.. Although wordpress is one of the best CMS but it […]

New and Improved website

A common question asked by STEM students is can a STEM student  only apply for a extension once in a lifetime ? For those not familiar with STEM, STEM is an refers to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Answer : Practical training may be authorized to an […]

STEM Application Extension for F1 students

US Universities search
We are pleased to launch our new and improved Graduate school and undergraduate school search . Additional information has been added to university pages giving students more insight into admissions, enrollments, courses offered and graduation rate. The new features are 1. View your search criteria : When you are on the search results page, you would be able […]

Introducing new and Improved Graduate and UnderGraduate School Search

TRY to Derive and Analyze the DUALS or the VARIANTs  of any GRE Quantitative Problems that you see. This makes you understand the Outlines of the GRE Quantitative Problems much Better.  For example, below is a problem to which you would find a DUAL and you would find a variant.   Original […]

Duals and Variants in the GRE Quant Problems

Continuing on our quest to help you master the circular problems in GRE, let us get down to couple of challenging questions Problem 1 In a set of three numbers, the average of first two numbers is 2, the average of the last two numbers is 3, and the average […]

Circular problems in Quants for GRE

Here is an example of  GRE Quantitative Problem in Multiple-Paradigm though all of them look to a Single Technique Problem How many ounces of water must be added to a 30-ounce solution that is 40 percent alcohol to dilute the solution to 25 percent alcohol? (A) 9 (B) 10 (C) […]

Solving A GRE Quantitative Problem in Multiple-Paradigms

We had been talking about Writing an Effective Statement of Purpose and how an SOP is the most important part of for your graduate / masters school admission. Below is sample format of statement of purpose for admission to Masters program Objective for Statement of Purpose Your statement of purpose acts […]

Effective Statement of Purspose (SOP) Sample Format

SOP for US Graduate Programs 1
You’re ready to continue on your journey towards academic success. Only now, you wish to experience the academic life as an American graduate student. The next step will hopefully land you in a masters program in the United States. It’s now about writing an effective SOP to impressively introduce yourself. […]

Writting an Effective Statement of Purpose

J-1 Visa or Exchange Visitor visa which is designed for those individuals, who are planning to participate in some exchange programs to research, teach , study , training or to demonstrate special skills in USA.  We had explained in details about eligibility of J1 visa. There are new rules for J1 Visa […]

New J1 Visa Rules Taking Effect From Jan 5 2015