PSAT : An optional SAT 1

PSAT, or the Preliminary SAT is an optional test (really, lets count the other options we have) where students may sign up for to take it in preparation of the actual SAT (options vanished?)

The PSAT consists of F-I-V-E sections

  • Critical Reading : 2 sections
  • Mathematics      : 2 sections
  • Writing Skills  : 1 section (wonder why 1 section is not enough for CR and Maths too)

Each Student is given 25 minutes for each Critical reading and Mathematics section, and 30 minutes for the writing skills section. Each of the three sections is scored on a scale of 20 to 80 points, which add up to a maximum composite score of 240 points.Although the questions are easy; most students find trouble with answering all the questions on time. Budgeting time and time allocation is what you learn to manage for you actual SAT.

The PSAT is usually taken by sophomores and high-school juniors. PSAT is interchangeably also the NMSQT- National Merit Scholarship Qualifying test administered by the College Board which grants scholarships to students with the highest scores. The NMSQT is one of the most prestigious achievements a student can earn. All Finalists are considered for one of the 2,500 National Merit $2,500 Scholarships, which are awarded on a state representational basis. Finalists also benefit to receive scholarships underwritten by corporations and business organizations, colleges and universities.

The test can help with determining what types of courses to focus in high school and college to prepare for future careers. On the other hand, the PLAN (Pre-ACT), is a test usually given to 10th and 11th graders in preparation for another standardized test, the ACT. The PLAN tests over not only reading, writing, and mathematics but also science and reading skills.

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