What are the career options and employment opportunities after biomedical engineering?


I want to know the examples of the type of work biomedical engineers do. What is the scope of biotechnology engineering?

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Career opportunities in biomedical engineering are basically divided into two categories: biomedical engineers and biomedical-engineering technologists. Biomedical engineers will hold a baccalaureate degree, and most often a graduate degree. Employers for biomedical engineers can include hospitals (clinical engineers), colleges and universities, industry, research facilities and government agencies. Areas of work include the design of new instrumentation and computer systems, medical imaging systems, strategies for decision making, tissue and bio-materials engineering, modeling, dental, bio-films, rehabilitation engineering, and others. Biomedical-engineering technologists are most often employed by hospitals to repair and maintain existing medical equipment, and generally hold a certificate from a technology school or 2-year diploma.

Through a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from a good college or university, you can develop an understanding of complex medical problems. With this understanding, you can also use your extensive subject knowledge to solve these issues. These programs enable you to master the interface between engineered and living systems. The field of biomedical engineering is among the top career paths offering different growth prospects. You can choose your line of career based on your specific interests and subject specialties such as tissue, genetic, bio-mechanics, cellular, rehabilitation, bio-materials and clinical engineering.

Biomedical engineering is a prospective field of engineering, which applies design concepts and engineering principles in medical field. This field combines engineering and medicine together. It ultimately integrates the principles in engineering with the medical science which thereby helps in improving healthcare diagnosis, therapy and monitoring. There are many job opportunities for those who have completed their graduation in biomedical engineering both in private and public sector. Moreover, professionals in biomedical engineering can also find suitable jobs in numerous organizations abroad.

Jobs in Private Sector

Private sector organizations offer a big number of jobs for professionals in Biomedical engineering. Most of the industries will be related to medical equipment, their production as well as supply. Private companies manufacturing equipment required in hospitals, diagnostic centers, research and development centers, etc. recruit professionals in biomedical engineering. Since there is growth in demand of medical equipment the placement process is more, so the chances to get jobs in this sector are also high. Teaching jobs for biomedical engineers in different colleges and universities are also available for the people who are interested in it.

Jobs in Government Sector

Many government sector organizations employ biomedical engineers. They are mainly recruited in factories manufacturing medical equipment and in government hospitals to maintain and handle different complex medical equipment. Various jobs for biomedical engineers in public sector organizations are product testing, maintaining the devices and establishing safety standards for devices. Biomedical engineering professionals can also start their career as a teacher in any reputed government college offering this course. Biomedical engineers are paid high salaries in government organizations.

Jobs Abroad

There is a high demand for professionals in biomedical engineering in abroad. There are countless job openings for them in this field. They are mainly recruited as chemical engineers in hospitals situated in foreign countries. They’re basically assigned with the job of maintaining and controlling the entire database of the medical equipment. They help nurses and doctors in handling complex medical equipment. Biomedical engineers can also do their higher studies in abroad as there are many options for them. They can complete their master’s degree from biomedical engineering graduate schools and can even do research program. The salary of biomedical engineers is very high in foreign countries.

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