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World’s only fossils of T. rex skin suggest it was covered in scales—not feathers

Tyrannosaurs probably didn't have feathers:

University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus - 1 year ago


The Best Bagels in the World Are in Charlottesville, Virginia


University of Virginia-Main Campus - 1 year ago


Potential building block of life found in very young star system

A new discovery suggests that complex organic molecules may be created very early in the evolution...

University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus - 1 year ago


Coming Soon | 'Mexico Modern: Art, Commerce, and Cultural Exchange'

Works by artists including Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo will be on display at the Harry Ransom...

The University of Texas at Austin - 1 year ago


This baby bird, trapped in amber, lived alongside the dinosaurs

A baby bird, encased in amber, is giving researchers an unprecedented glimpse 100 million years into...

University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus - 1 year ago


ASU to offer public viewing events for ‘Great American Eclipse 2017’

Don't miss this! It'll be the first total solar eclipse in nearly a century to be visible...

Arizona State University - 1 year ago


Republicans are choosing their party over the country in denying Trump's abuse of power

America is in crisis.

North Carolina State University at Raleigh - 1 year ago


There’s a big problem with AI: even its creators can’t explain how it works

"No one really knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do." MIT Tech Review on the dark...

Concordia University-Chicago - 1 year ago


Trump intends to appoint UNC Lineberger’s Sharpless as National Cancer Institute director

President Donald Trump on Friday announced his intent to appoint

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - 1 year ago


Adam West ’51, TV’s Batman, died Friday

The Whitman community is deeply saddened by the loss of Adam West '51. Literature major turned...

Whitman College - 1 year ago