Graduate School Programs in Construction Management

Masters Degree in Construction Management is offered by 21 Universities.In year 2012-2013, Masters degrees was awarded by US universities to 275 students in Construction Management. Highest number of students who got their Masters Degree were 31 from Columbia University In the City of New York . Female students highest graduation was in Stevens Institute of Technology.

Cost of Masters Degree in Construction Management

The tuition for masters degree program at a Graduate School Construction Management could vary notably between public and a private university. Tuition for Masters program at a top ranked school like Columbia University In the City of New York is $36,688 while Brigham Young University-Provo has tuition $5,950. Public universities cost less compared with a private university, the per year program cost for Graduate Masters program in Construction Management at a top ranked school University of Washington-Seattle Campus is $25,690

Top Ranked Universities for Masters In Construction Management

ImageUniversityRankingTuitionAcceptance Rate
Columbia University In the City of New York436688 $6.95 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 2592    Construction Management **: 31
University of Southern California2635352 $19.93 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1911    Construction Management **: 11
University of Washington-Seattle Campus5125690 $58.44 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1011    Construction Management **: 20
Brigham Young University-Provo625950 $54.91 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 644    Construction Management **: 1
Clemson University6318666 $63.28 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 551    Construction Management **: 7
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University7520926 $70.38 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 446    Construction Management **: 12
Stevens Institute of Technology8028800 $40.45 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 496    Construction Management **: 30
Drexel University9528215 $74.86 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1012    Construction Management **: 12
University of Kansas10818517 $92.74 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 443    Construction Management **: 2
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus10915667 $79.14 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1309    Construction Management **: 10
Arizona State University12924550 $88.91 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1563    Construction Management **: 19
Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College1306146 $79.56 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 415   
North Dakota State University-Main Campus18313177 $83.55 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 156    Construction Management **: 5
Southern Polytechnic State University55814526 $78.96 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 263    Construction Management **: 13
Pratt Institute-Main59025236 $56.48 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 19    Construction Management **: 5
Philadelphia University64916866 $71.86 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 218    Construction Management **: 12
Central Connecticut State University68214869 $63.96 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 112    Construction Management **: 12
University of Northern Iowa72517026 $77.51 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 102   
Wentworth Institute of Technology93132100 $61.39 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 67    Construction Management **: 26
California State University-East Bay16284 $35.71 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 326    Construction Management **: 17

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