Graduate School Programs in Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering

There are 73 graduate schools offering Masters degree Programs in Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering.In year 2012-2013, Masters degrees was awarded by US universities to 750 students in Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering. Highest number of students who got their Masters Degree were 61 from Johns Hopkins University . Female students highest graduation was in Illinois Institute of Technology.
Few Graduate School Programs with highest enrollment are Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering are

  • University of California-Berkeley - 4915,
  • Oregon State University - 5048,
  • San Jose State University - 4381,
  • University of Southern California - 5147.

  • Cost of Masters Degree in Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering

    The tuition for masters degree program at a Graduate School Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering could vary remarkably between public and a private university. Tuition for Masters program at a top ranked school like Johns Hopkins University is $43,390 while Texas A & M University-Kingsville has tuition $7,704. Public universities cost less compared with a private university, the per year program cost for Graduate Masters program in Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering at a top ranked school University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is $38,882

    Top Ranked Universities for Masters In Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering

    ImageUniversityRankingTuitionAcceptance Rate
    Yale University335500 $7.73 Engineering *: 229    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 12
    Columbia University In the City of New York436688 $6.95 Engineering *: 1984    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 12
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology741770 $8.95 Engineering *: 2771    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 18
    California Institute of Technology1038085 $12.77 Engineering *: 515    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 4
    Johns Hopkins University1243390 $18.43 Engineering *: 2295    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 61
    Washington University in St Louis1442500 $17.88 Engineering *: 452   
    Vanderbilt University1841492 $14.23 Engineering *: 346    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 3
    Rice University1930810 $16.71 Engineering *: 475    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 10
    Carnegie Mellon University2537950 $27.77 Engineering *: 1773    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 2
    University of Southern California2635352 $19.93 Engineering *: 3266    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 26
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor2938882 $36.55 Engineering *: 2913    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 16
    Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus3626860 $51.18 Engineering *: 3796    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 21
    Lehigh University4022680 $32.58 Engineering *: 651    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 9
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute4443350 $43.58 Engineering *: 539    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 4
    University of California-Irvine4526322 $47.46 Engineering *: 836    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 6
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign4626274 $63.34 Engineering *: 2215    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 33
    Pennsylvania State University4830374 $52.43 Engineering *: 1439    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 7
    University of Florida4927335 $44.10 Engineering *: 2988    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 49
    The University of Texas at Austin5320790 $46.75 Engineering *: 2034    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 25
    Southern Methodist University5937152 $53.77 Engineering *: 620    Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering **: 5

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