Graduate School Programs in Marketing/Marketing Management

There are 121 graduate schools offering Masters degree Programs in Marketing/Marketing Management.In year 2012-2013, Masters degrees was awarded by US universities to 2951 students in Marketing/Marketing Management. Highest number of students who got their Masters Degree were 490 from Northwestern University . Female students highest graduation was in University of Toledo.

Cost of Masters Degree in Marketing/Marketing Management

The tuition for masters degree program at a Graduate School Marketing/Marketing Management could vary notably between public and a private university. Tuition for Masters program at a top ranked school like Johns Hopkins University is $43,390 while West Texas A & M University has tuition $4,454. Public universities cost less compared with a private university, the per year program cost for Graduate Masters program in Marketing/Marketing Management at a top ranked school Ohio State University-Main Campus is $28,648

Marketing has following specialization under it

  • Marketing Research
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing/Marketing Management

  • Top Ranked Universities for Masters In Marketing

    ImageUniversityRankingTuitionAcceptance Rate
    Columbia University In the City of New York436688 $6.95 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 2592    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 6
    University of Pennsylvania927700 $12.60 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 2157    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 87
    Johns Hopkins University1243390 $18.43 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1489    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 53
    Northwestern University1343380 $18.03 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 3274    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 115
    Washington University in St Louis1442500 $17.88 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1212    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 1
    Vanderbilt University1841492 $14.23 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 564    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 43
    Carnegie Mellon University2537950 $27.77 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 955    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 2
    Lehigh University4022680 $32.58 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 445    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 6
    Boston University4242400 $49.43 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1740    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 38
    University of Wisconsin-Madison4724054 $68.62 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 578    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 39
    University of Florida4927335 $44.10 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1701    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 1
    The University of Texas at Austin5320790 $46.75 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1234   
    Ohio State University-Main Campus5528648 $64.00 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 903    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 11
    Tulane University of Louisiana5743300 $27.27 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 779    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 1
    Southern Methodist University5937152 $53.77 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1138    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 36
    Syracuse University6029976 $51.34 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 603    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 5
    Clemson University6318666 $63.28 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 551    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 8
    University of Georgia6522400 $62.96 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 694    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 23
    Texas A & M University-College Station6813861 $66.88 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 908    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 31
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute6922302 $52.55 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 384    Marketing/Marketing Management **: 24

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    NDSU students compete in marketing case study NDSU students participated in the second annual Target Corporation Case Competition on May 12 at the NDSU’s Richard H. Barry Hall. The competition featured eight teams from a marketing strategy class that worked on solving marketing problems facing Target Corporation. #NDSUtrue
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    What Creativity in Marketing Looks Like Today Elegant Communication: what it means to truly be creative in today's marketing world.
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    Professional Certificate in Marketing

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    Professional Certificate in Marketing Learn Up-to-Date Marketing from Local Experts with SDSU. Courses start April 20th, so Register Today!
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    Sheryl Sandberg Explains the Most Important Thing to Get Right on Facebook Sheryl Sandberg and Dan Levy explain why the line is blurring between social media and marketing. #ucimerage #meragetips #marketing #socialmedia
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    The American Marketing Association Announces 2017 Fellows

    3 months ago

    The American Marketing Association Announces 2017 Fellows Yesterday, the American Marketing Association honored our own John G. Lynch, Jr., Professor & Sr. Associate Dean for Faculty & Research, as a 2017 Fellow for his contributions to the field of marketing research. Congratulations, Professor Lynch!
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    Social Media and Mobile Marketing

    2 months ago

    Social Media and Mobile Marketing Learn to manage marketing campaigns on Twitter, Facebook & other media channels w/ OSU's Social Media & Mobile Marketing online course.
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    Marketing vs. science: Applying the same process to a different set of questions

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    Marketing vs. science: Applying the same process to a different set of questions Laura Gambino ’14 works at the NYC-based marketing and advertising agency, Omnicom Media Group, as a senior analyst. Read how she’s using skills she learned from her biology major.
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    Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs at University of Vermont (UVM) “I enrolled in the Digital Marketing certificate course to help me up my game in my role recruiting international students for SUNY Plattsburgh. All of the instructors came with impressive credentials as experienced professionals, and freely shared the tricks of the trade with the class. I learned...
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    The Danny Did Foundation

    2 months ago

    The Danny Did Foundation This spring, a team of IMC mater’s students provided pro-bono marketing communications support for The Danny Did Foundation, a non-profit in Chicago, through IMC’s Cause Marketing Initiative (CMI). Danny Did Foundation’s primary mission is to prevent deaths caused by seizures. The student...
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    Five questions for 5 under 5 panelist Ellen Yin

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    Five questions for 5 under 5 panelist Ellen Yin Ellen graduated in 2016 with a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science and recently joined Samaritan Health Plans as a public relations and marketing coordinator. Prior to joining Samaritan, she worked in the fitness industry with a focus on social media management, influencer marketing and digital...