Graduate School Programs in Polymer/Plastics Engineering

There are 10 graduate schools offering Masters degree Programs in Polymer/Plastics Engineering.In year 2012-2013, Masters degrees was awarded by US universities to 84 students in Polymer/Plastics Engineering. Highest number of students who got their Masters Degree were 34 from University of Massachusetts-Lowell . Female students highest graduation was in University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Some of the Graduate School Programs with highest enrollment are Polymer/Plastics Engineering are

  • University of Washington-Seattle Campus - 5259,
  • University of Florida - 8275,
  • Purdue University-Main Campus - 10583,
  • University of Washington-Seattle Campus - 5259.

  • Cost of Masters Degree in Polymer/Plastics Engineering

    The tuition for masters degree program at a Graduate School Polymer/Plastics Engineering could vary significantly between public and a private university. Tuition for Masters program at a top ranked school like Case Western Reserve University is $37,120 while University of Massachusetts-Lowell has tuition $6,427. Public universities cost less compared with a private university, the per year program cost for Graduate Masters program in Polymer/Plastics Engineering at a top ranked school The University of Tennessee is $27,118

    Top Ranked Universities for Masters In Polymer/Plastics Engineering

    ImageUniversityRankingTuitionAcceptance Rate
    Case Western Reserve University3837120 $54.32 Engineering *: 600    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 4
    Lehigh University4022680 $32.58 Engineering *: 651    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 2
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University7520926 $70.38 Engineering *: 1923    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 2
    Stevens Institute of Technology8028800 $40.45 Engineering *: 1287    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 3
    University of Massachusetts Amherst849937 $62.62 Engineering *: 632    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 28
    Auburn University10323598 $77.23 Engineering *: 908    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 6
    The University of Tennessee11227118 $67.32 Engineering *: 928    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 1
    University of Massachusetts-Lowell1596427 $65.75 Engineering *: 796    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 34
    University of Southern Mississippi14448 $64.53 Engineering *: 69    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 1
    University of Akron Main Campus12473 $96.75 Engineering *: 516    Polymer/Plastics Engineering **: 3

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