Graduate School Programs in Taxation

There are 65 graduate schools offering Masters degree Programs in Taxation.In year 2012-2013, US universities graduated 1856 students in Taxation. Highest number of students who got their Masters Degree were 209 from Golden Gate University-San Francisco . Female students highest graduation was in University of Southern California.

Cost of Masters Degree in Taxation

The tuition for masters degree program at a Graduate School Taxation could vary notably between public and a private university. Tuition for Masters program at a top ranked school like Bryant University is $38,340 while DePaul University has tuition $5,488. Public universities cost less compared with a private university, the per year program cost for Graduate Masters program in Taxation at a top ranked school Wayne State University is $28,243

Top Ranked Universities for Masters In Taxation

ImageUniversityRankingTuitionAcceptance Rate
University of Southern California2635352 $19.93 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1911    Taxation **: 110
Northeastern University4329424 $31.86 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 3015    Taxation **: 33
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign4626274 $63.34 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1231    Taxation **: 22
University of Miami5029880 $39.70 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 514    Taxation **: 17
Fordham University5827264 $42.92 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1480    Taxation **: 54
Southern Methodist University5937152 $53.77 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1138   
American University7125182 $44.20 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 520    Taxation **: 36
Baylor University7222932 $60.65 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 220    Taxation **: 23
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities7422320 $49.51 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 2077    Taxation **: 44
The University of Alabama9122950 $53.08 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 571    Taxation **: 18
University of Denver9338232 $67.64 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1277    Taxation **: 41
University of Tulsa9418630 $40.72 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 191    Taxation **: 8
University of San Diego9823040 $42.59 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 453    Taxation **: 10
DePaul University1235488 $62.32 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 2205    Taxation **: 39
Seton Hall University12718594 $84.39 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 603    Taxation **: 8
Arizona State University12924550 $88.91 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1563    Taxation **: 48
Hofstra University13518990 $58.83 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 1089    Taxation **: 23
St. John's University-New York14721727 $49.08 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 739    Taxation **: 47
University of Mississippi15516264 $61.05 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 289    Taxation **: 13
Mississippi State University15715828 $62.15 MBA (Business/ Management/ Marketing) *: 465    Taxation **: 17

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