This sesction MS in US is for international students who are looking to do Masters in United States.

Masters in US or sometimes known as MS in US, is 2 year Graduate program. Prerequisite is you should have completed your Undergraduate(US) or Graduate Degree. Some countries education after high school is considered a graduate program and Masters and MBA are termed as Post Graduate. The terminology can be confusing as what is undergraduate in US is Graduate in other countries. This will explain you what is the difference between graduate program and Masters Degree

Out of total strength of students in the science and engineering programs master program in the US, international students are in major chunk.The highest percentage of students are from China,India and Korea.

Getting into top ranked colleges in US for Ms program is not easy. The acceptance rate at the top 20 universities is pretty low and is declining with each passing year. But an entry to a decent university is possible with a good score and average grades. Some universities do not even consider minimum GRE. They look at the complete application package that includes your score, GPA, SOP and if any work experience. So a low score can be compensated by a high GPA or vice versa and a good written SOP can very well set the stakes in your favor. We have been sharing tips on How to write a good SOP.

Courses for MS in US

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What is the duration of ms program in US ?

MS programs in most of the US universities is for 2 years. Sometimes you can complete MS courses in 18 months.

What kind of visa required for masters program for international student ?

Any international student who wants to study in U.S, must obtain a visa first. Mainly there are three kinds of visa for studying in US. F1,M1 and J1.

J-1 Visa or Exchange Visitor visa is designed for those individuals, who are planning to participate in some exchange programs to study, teach, research, training, or to demonstrate special skills in US. In order to apply for J-1 visa , you need to obtain form DS-2019 from your sponsoring agency.J-1 Visitors may remain in US for the period specified on Form DS-2019, plus a period of 30 days as grace period to prepare for departure from US.

F1 Visa is issued for full time Masters Program or undergraduate courses while M1 visa is issued for Vocational courses like Mechanical studies, technical studies or cosmetology program. F1 Visa for International Students

Can International students qualify for loan or scholarships for MS programs in US ?

As an international student who is coming to study on visa, you qualify for financial aid which is offered by US universities but not for any loans. Loans are offered by federal and state government and you have to be a citizen of the country to qualify for grants.

Financial aid is offered by universities also known as Institutional grants. US universities also offer loans to international students. The rates, terms and condition varies among universities and you should check with your college when applying.

What is the average GRE score required for admissions to masters program ?

GRE score requirement varies for each school schools and university. You can find out universities based on your score Profile Evaluation For MS in US

Are there US Universities who do not ask for a minimum GRE ?

Yes there are few universities which do not specify GRE cut off or minimum GR. Princeton is one of the top engineering school which mentions no minimum GRE in its admission process. For Standford Bioenginering programs and Stanford Civil and environment Engineering, there no established cutoff scores When shortlisting universities, do not go by GRE score only. Look at the acceptance rate and how tough or easy would be get admission. Your score score could be well above average GRE score of Harvard university, but with acceptance rate of 6%, unless you have an exemplary resume to prove your worth,chances of admissions are pretty slim.

How do you convert my marks from CPI to CGPA

A common question is for internal students is how to convert grades from their home country to US university requirements. You will find this helpful Convert from CPI to CGPA

How can I do Profile Evaluation based on my GRE Scores ?

Assuming that you have taken the GRE or if you have a sense of what your score could be, study in us provides profile evaluation tool to help you shortlist your universities.

Enter you GRE score, your desired area of study and we will find the university. Profile evaluation tool also categorizes the universities under Tough, Medium and Easy along with the acceptance rate. Based on your subject of choice, you will also get a list of universities which do not ask for a minimum GRE.Profile Evaluation For MS in US

Can I get work visa after doing MS in US ?

For a majority of the international students, getting a job is the primary concern. If you are not aware then you should know that you need to get an H1b after completing your education to be employed. To get this visa, you should have a job offer from an employer in US. You can work for 1 year after completing your education, know as OPT, during which time you can apply for jobs and find a sponsor.

How good is Job market after completing MS in US ?

Here is a good news. In last 2 years there has been a huge demand for science and engineering graduates and this appetite is not going away. There are plenty of jobs for the MS graduates and the average salary is between $70,000 and $90,000.

Engineers, Computer programmers, professionals and research scholars in embedded systems are in high demand skills and salary can be up to $110,000. Finding an employer who can sponsor your H1 depends on the job market.

Do International Students qualify for Scholarships for MS in US ?

This is one of the questions most frequently asked by international students . In US scholarship is generally referred to as financial aid. While there are a wide variety of options for US citizens and Green card holders, International students have very few choices. Yes you need to get the most out you can get when it comes to scholarship but do not count on this to be main criteria for selecting university. A public university like University of Amherst will not offer any scholarship but a private college like Boston University can offer you some scholarships.

Ivy leagues will offer very little or no scholarship / financial aid so if you aim to attend only Ivy league’s, prepare to shell out a high amount.

Scholarships and Financial aid for International Students

Cost of doing MS

cost of studying in USA There are three types of colleges in US public, private and community. Most of the Community colleges do not offer MS or MBA program. When you chose between a private and public college the total cost of education can vary.

Tuition cost is your most significant expense and for a 2 year course, you can look at $15,000/ year to $35,000 / year.

Why so much difference ? As we have explained, it is the difference between public and private University. But a scholarship/financial aid of $15000 from a  private university can reduce your tuition expense and you might be able to get the university of your choice.

Living expenses can vary between $1000/month in New York City to $400/month in Ohio. But you will not need a car in New York but becomes mandatory in Ohio. So the the city in which your university could be , can impact your total cost. Find out more in

Cost of doing MS in US

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